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Gin and tonic

You may love a G&T (and we are all for that) but do you know what actually makes tonic, tonic?

Carbonated Water
Quinine (also known as ‘Cinchona Extract)
Sugar (or in some of our cases – sweeteners…nothing artificial though!)

So, carbonated water makes sense. But what is Quinine and Cinchona?!

Cinchona, pronounced ‘sin-ko-na’ is the tree bark in which Quinine is extracted. Originating in South America, it was originally used as a remedy for Malaria.

Quinine, pronounced ‘kwuh-neen’ is extracted from the Cinchona tree bark and according to tradition, the bitter taste of antimalarial quinine tonic lead British colonials in India to mix it with gin, thus creating the gin and tonic cocktail! (round of applause of those guys)

So, are all tonic waters created equal? The answer is no.

Some contain synthetic quinine – you should be able to tell from the inferior taste if this is the case but to be safe, we would recommend you stick with the Bickford & Sons range as we are looking out for you! (and your G&T)

As for our Sugar Free Dry Tonic and Sugar Free Citrus Tonic – you may be wondering how we get them to taste so sweet without any sugar at all…

We use a sweetener blend of Stevia Extract and Erythritol – creating the perfect sweet balance, without any sugar at all. This sweetener blend differs from many others in the market – offering you to drink your G&T without any artificial sweeteners. (Win, Win!)