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PRODUCTS – Galway 15 YO Rum Barrel Tawny

Galway 15 YO Rum Barrel Tawny


Our winemaking team carefully selected the finest and most unique parcels of 12-year-old tawny. These were then matured in Australian Beenleigh ex-Rum barrels for a further 3 years.

The result is our fifteen-year-old tawny with superb aromas, alluding to time in rum barrel. An integrated rum character gives notes of sweet spices of coconut, clove and vanilla. This is complimented with a palate of roasted nuts and Christmas cake with a molasses character that finishes with a warming richness across the palate.

The decorative label pattern is a tribute to Sir Henry Galway’s military dress uniform, symbolising his legacy of high standards for superior quality. Carefully selected parcels, matured for three years in Australian Beenleigh Rum barrels.

21% alc